With treatment, the symptoms of walking pneumonia are alleviated within two weeks, according to Nemours. It also may take up to six weeks for walking pneumonia to resolve. More »

Pneumonia typically lasts for about two to three weeks for most adults with good health, according to WebMD. However, elderly people, babies and people with other illnesses may have prolonged comlications that can requir... More »

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The side effects of the pneumonia shot, otherwise known as the pneumococcal vaccine, disappear within a few days, states WebMD. Some reported side effects of the shot are swelling, tenderness and redness at the vaccinati... More »

According to WebMD, laryngitis usually lasts less than two weeks; however, chronic forms that last for more than two weeks are possible, and these may be caused by more complicated health issues. Laryngitis is an inflamm... More »

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The pneumonia vaccine lasts a lifetime for most people, according to Health Alliance Plan of Michigan. Booster shots are recommended at different intervals for people with certain medical conditions or occupational hazar... More »

The recovery time for spine injuries can vary widely; however, proper treatment can produce notable reductions in pain in as little as two weeks, according to Oregon Spine and Physical Therapy. Disc herniations heal in a... More »

Common symptoms of tuberculosis include fatigue and weakness, fever, chills or night sweats, and a cough with thick, cloudy or bloody mucus for more than two weeks, according to WebMD. Patients with tuberculosis may also... More »

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