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When stress delays your period and how to bring it back Last updated on January 9, 2017 by Alisa 82 Comments [addtoany] When your period goes missing, is late, delayed, or just seems to be taking its sweet time to really start, it can be stressful, and of course you worry that you might be pregnant when you didn’t plan to be.


Stress and Your Menstrual Period: A Cycle That You Can Break A missed period may cause you stress, or perhaps it's stress that's triggering irregular periods. Either way, what can you do about it?


You may have heard that stress can delay your period, and stress is in fact one of the most common causes of a missed period. Usually when stress delays your period though, it is because you were under stress around the time you would have ovulated. If ovulation is delayed, your period, which normally comes 14 days later, is also delayed.


While stress is a common cause for a late period, it is just one of many potential reasons for a delay in menstruation. Pregnancy, hormonal birth control, and health problems like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can also make your period late. Sometimes the stress of a potential unwanted pregnancy can make your period late.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Fowler on how long can stress delay your period: At 49 it's time to consider menopause, irregular periods etc. If there's a great deal of stress you want to lower the stress. If you can't do it on your own get a therapist to help. The stress may be more of a problem than the period.


Generally speaking, if you usually have a regular menstrual cycle, a period up to 10 days late can be normal. Having a late period can be because of a number of reasons: Delayed ovulation can be caused because of anxiety or stress which can result in a late period. You can miss your period if you have gained or lost a lot of weight as well ...


How long can stress delay period depends on several factors which vary from person to person. The relation between stress and periods. Differences in the length of stress can affect our bodies in different ways. Stress results in increasing the production of several hormones in the body to deal with the stressful situation.


You've heard that stress can mess with your cycle. But although they're not exactly good for you, daily hassles (you know: commuting, deadlines, presentations) are unlikely to impact your period."It often takes a one-time extraordinarily stressful event to create an abnormal period," Dr. Lara-Torre says.


Best Answer: From what I've understood, you can delay your period indefinitely from stress. You can not only delay ovulation (releasing the egg), but stop it completely, meaning you wouldn't have a period. Hopefully when things calm down, you're body will take its cue and start ovulating and menstruating.


Common occu … rrences that can cause a delay in your menstrual period are: hormonal imbalances, certain medications, stress and anxiety, pregnancy, etc. Please see this link for period information.