A giraffe is pregnant for about 15 months. During this gestation period, a mother giraffe often returns to the grounds where she was born to birth her own calf. More »

A typical giraffe tongue is 18 to 20 inches long. The tongue is prehensile and is used in combination with the roof of the giraffe's mouth to eat a variety of plants and shoots, typically from the Acacia species. More »

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Giraffes only sleep about 30 minutes during a 24-hour period. They tend to sleep in small, 5-minute increments to maintain their safety. More »

Pigs are pregnant for about 114 days, which is a little less than four months. A pregnant pig, often referred to as a piggy sow, sometimes delivers a couple of days early or late. More »

According to Fancy Mice, the easiest way to determine if a mouse is pregnant is by looking for a waxy white plug in the vulva. Excess semen from the male creates the plug at the entrance of the vagina to prevent the fema... More »

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A miniature pinscher has the same gestational cycle of all canines, which is between 64 and 66 days. A veterinarian can diagnose a pregnancy as early as 16 days into the pregnancy. More »

Guinea pig pregnancies last from 59 to 72 days, and the main determining factor is the litter's size. Smaller litters have a longer pregnancy term than larger litters. More »