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Cashier’s checks are complicated, and state law affects how long those checks are good for. However, most banks won’t accept a cashier’s check for deposit after 90 days because the issuing bank may return the check unpaid after that time. If you have a check that’s more than 90 days old, contact the issuing bank to get a new check.


"How Long are Undeposited Checks Good?" Nickel Contributor. I am a thirty-something freelance writer with a passion for personal finance. In 2005, I founded FiveCentNickel.com, which has since ...


How long is a check good for? Typically a check is good for six months. But, each type of check comes with its own rules as listed above. It’s also best practice to cash checks as soon as it’s convenient.


How Long Is a Check Good For? Discovering an unredeemed check might seem like found money until you consider its expiration date. While some U.S. checks state how long you have to cash them on the check itself, others typically expire in a set number of days after being written. Not only does this encourage responsibility on the part of the ...


Businesses write checks to vendors and suppliers, independent contractors, and landlords. Occasionally, one or more of those checks may go uncashed for a long time. Although banks do not have to ...


Ever wonder how long a personal check is good for before you are no longer able to cash it? While government and payroll checks are clearly marked indicating the time frame the check is valid and must be cashed in, personal checks aren’t marked as such, and thus it can be confusing as to how long you have to make it to the bank.


Though checks are considered "staledated" after six months, they are still eligible for negotiation. Some business checks have an expiration date printed on the check which limits or extends the time period that the check can be cashed or deposited. This is usually for payroll checks, government checks, etc.


See also: How Long Is a Personal Check Good For? Basics of Check Cashing: How to Cash a Personal Check. Where to Cash: For the easiest and most hassle free check cashing experience, you should always try to go to your own bank. Generally, the bank that issued the check or the bank where the check was drawn will cash it for you as well without a ...


When asking "how long does a background check take," you should know there are different turnaround times for different background check types, including pre-employment, criminal, federal, universal, gun, and fingerprint background checks, which can take 1 to 5 days, and sometimes longer.


If the stale check is a nominal amount that doesn’t surpass the fee and you’re unable to contact the check writer for a new check or to make sure their account is still active, your best bet ...