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Football field or football pitch may refer to the playing areas of several codes of football: , Association football field, a rectangular field, usually 105 m × 68 m or 7140 m 2; American football field, a rectangular field, 120.0 yd (109.73 m) × 53 1/3 yd (48.74 m) or 6400 yd 2 (5351.2 m 2)


How Many Acres is a Football Field? High school, college and NFL football fields are the same size. A standard football field is 120 yards long. The playing field is 100 yards (300 feet) long, and ...


How big is a football field? A football field designed for American Football will measure about 360 ft. in length x 160 ft. in width. These dimensions include the two end zones.


Yes. Often an acre of land is compared to a football field. In reality, an acre is equal to about 76% of a football field, when you consider both end zones. A football field (including the two end zones) is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide for a total of 57,600 square feet. When you take away the two ...


In American football the standard field dimensions are 120 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide. The last 10 yards of length on either end of the field are considered "end zones" in which a player scores.


A regulation size football field is 360 feet long by 160 feet wide, or 120 yards long by 53.3 yards wide. In addition to the playing field, the football field has two end zones that are 30 feet deep.


When you’re talking about big-time football, both types of stadiums generally seat between 50,000 and 107,000 screaming fans. The dimensions of football fields. There’s nothing like a football field. Here’s what you see on a football field, whether you’re on the field or in the stands:


Soccer, formally known as association football, is the world’s most popular team sports that features opposing two teams of 11 players, playing on a wide rectangular grassy field, with a spherical ball being played until it touches a netted area called the goal.


A football field as seen from behind one end zone. The tall, yellow goal posts mark where the ball must pass for a successful field goal or extra point. The large, rectangular area marked with the team name is the end zone


A football pitch is the field upon which the sport football isplayed. The regulation size of a pitch is approximately 76,854.3204square feet. share with friends