Money was originally created to serve as a substitute store of value to bypass problems with the barter system. If you had an apple tree but needed eggs, you needed to find someone with a chicken coop who wanted apples. ... More »

The first flying motorcycle was created by amateur inventor Chris Malloy. In 2011, Malloy built his first prototype of the flying motorcycle in his garage in suburban Sydney, Australia. More » Vehicles

According to “What Is the Purpose of the Federal Reserve System?,” Congress created the Federal Reserve to provide the nation with a stable, safe and flexible financial system. The Federal Reserve Act lists three key obj... More »

In a currency system, most items have a predetermined value, making transactions fast and standardized. When consumers know the cost of an item in advance, they can simply present the cash necessary to purchase the item.... More »

The Slinky's inventor, Richard James, was initially working on a device that would keep equipment steady on ships when he discovered the coil's unusual movements. James's creation is an example of an "accidental" inventi... More » History Inventions

The Internet was based on the idea of an "intergalactic network" of computers envisioned by J.C.R. Licklider in the early 1960s. However, no single person created the Internet. Shortly after this idea came to light, scie... More » History Inventions

The types of questions on a comprehensive fifth grade math test require the student to write and interpret numerical expressions, evidence understanding of the place value system and complete problems involving multi-dig... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum