To change your Skype display name, click the name in the Skype bar to access the edit box, type the new name that you want to use, and hit Enter. Your display name is then changed. More » Technology Mobile

Users cannot change their Skype names. Once a Skype name is successfully registered during account creation, it is permanently associated with one Skype account. Users can change only their display names. More »

A Skype name is a user name for an individual to sign in to the computer program Skype, which is a telecommunications application that offers video calls. After signing in, the unique Skype name is used as identification... More » Technology

To add a contact on Skype, start the application, sign in, and enter the contact's e-mail address or Skype name in the search box near the top left of the application. Click Search Skype, and find the contact you wish to... More » Technology Social Media

How you add contacts on Skype varies based on the type of computer or phone platform you are using. To add contacts on a Windows platform, sign into your Skype account, then select the Add Contacts icon. Enter the name o... More » Technology Mobile

To add someone on Skype, search for the person by entering his contact information into the search field, browse the list of options to select the correct person, click Add to Contacts, introduce yourself and click Send.... More » Technology Social Media

To search Google Earth on a computer, click in the Search box under Search in the panel on the left, type in the location you want to find, and press Enter. Google Earth allows you to search for countries, states, cities... More » Geography Maps & Cartography