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What Are the Effects of Education on Society? ... The Effects of Higher Education on US Society There is also a relationship between higher education (technical/community college or university) and social benefit. Higher education leads to innovation and critical thinking, which in turn benefits US society by increasing its gross domestic ...


Higher education is critical for individual success and economic prosperity, but its impact is much larger than that. Universities prepare individuals for the jobs that they want and help support the economy we need — but they are also a catalyst for change and have the power to shape the kind of world that we want to live in.


The results suggest that higher education levels are associated with higher levels of political interest, social trust, health and wellbeing, and lower levels of political cynicism and hostile attitudes towards immigrants. These effects were found to be relatively stable over time.


This research investigates both positive and negative effects on society of more people seeking and achieving a higher educational level. It recognises greater educational achievement as a route to higher social status for individuals. It also highlights the potential benefits to the economy, and the possibility of greater innovation.


By broadly subsidizing higher education more heavily, the average taxpayer is in effect financing many young people from well-off families and the high salary-earners of tomorrow. It should be asked if it is fair for people who do not benefit from university to contribute to its financing to this extent.


Research on the impact of higher education on the individual and society is reviewed, and the strengths and weaknesses of the research are identified. Attention is directed to the impact of higher education on individual students, the national economy, local and regional economies, and society in general. The best documented area is the effect on students (economic, cognitive, and attitudinal).


An Educated Society is a Stronger Society ... the health of the society and citizenry relies on its citizens to be educated and inquisitive. ... This is not high-minded rhetoric. This is a well-rounded and holistic look at the value of higher education not just for individuals, but for everyone in a society. ...


Education is important for many reasons, ranging from being a rite of passage to being the first step in long-term relationships with employers. A society such as this is likely to embrace the ideals of a liberal education that creates a rounded citizen, and the value of higher education will not be measured purely in terms of economic benefit.


Five positive effects of education in today's society. CLEMSON, South Carolina — Education is becoming one of the most important factors to a person’s success in today’s society. Whether a person is living in poverty or among the wealthiest in the world, education is necessary to advance in any situation.


Higher earnings: Income has a major effect on health and workers with more education tend to earn more money. 2 In 2012, the median wage for college graduates was more than twice that of high school dropouts and more than one and a half times higher than that of high school graduates. 6 Read More