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Because not everyone is the same height, the shower head height that works best for you (and the people who are living with you) will almost definitely deviate from this norm. If your household is taller, it may be best to make the height higher; if you are shorter, lower the height (or buy a head with a long neck).


Note: To get the shower head height, measure from the floor up to the vertical center of the shower arm where it meets the wall. The standard and best a shower head is also depends on the shower head type you use. So let’s have a look at the various types of shower heads and their different height requirements next.


Accessible showers must provide a shower head on a flexible hose that is at least 60 inches long and usable as either a fixed or hand-held shower head. Some ADA compliant showers have a vertical bar that allows the fixed height to be set as desired and others include an additional shower head set at 60 inches.


If you feel that having a combo shower head would translate to higher water bills, or you just don’t think that this is the type of shower head you need at home, then there are other options. An adjustable shower head is one of shower fixtures that you should have to accommodate all your family members.


Installing a rainfall shower head is a relatively low-lift and low-cost update that can take you one step closer to that spa bathroom.But before you rush to buy a new shower head and hire a handyman to do the installation, there are a few things you need to consider about rain shower heads, most importantly the size.


You need to be able to twist this piece on when finishing the shower's trim. Also because these are longer and longer it may be necessary to adjust the "Wing Back" out of plumb so when the weigh of the shower head and arm are in place they look level. With longer shower arms more care should be taken that the arm is level and square to the ...


The floor of the tub is no more than 2" above the floor. We are both about 5'8 and are wondering how high the shower head should be? The plumber came in and raised the head and pipes about 1.5" and now it is @83" above the floor. This seems too high. (They head has always seemed way to high.)


This is a small urban bathroom which, because of the rear-outlet toilet, will have a shower that is about 24" wide, plus a 4" shower curb. Due to high water pressure (100 - 120 lbs), the contractor is having me get separate valves - on another thread, I'm trying confirm if I need 2 or 3. I will also have a shower head and hand shower.


The tallest person in the household shouldn't have to duck to get his head under the water stream and the shortest person using the shower should be able to reach the shower head.


The height of the wall is linked to the where the shower head is installed. Usually, shower heads are installed at 72 inches high, but installation at 76 inches from the shower drain is done in some homes based on the owner's preference. The valves are installed at 48 inches above the drain.