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Installing a rainfall shower head is a relatively low-lift and low-cost update that can take you one step closer to that spa bathroom.But before you rush to buy a new shower head and hire a handyman to do the installation, there are a few things you need to consider about rain shower heads, most importantly the size.


You'll need to consider where you stand in the shower, and at what angle you want the water to hit. Rain showers are designed to spray straight down from directly overhead, but can usually still be enjoyed at a 45° angle — if you use an arm that extends far enough from the wall. Most rain shower heads deliver a gentle, unmodified spray.


The industry standard for the height of a shower head is 80 inches above the floor of the bath. This is 6 feet, 8 inches, which is suitable for most people of average height, and even usable for those who are taller. ... How High Should a Shower Head Be? Share this article ... How High Should I Hang a Curtain Rod?


A rainfall shower head can be installed in the ceiling of the shower for a true rainfall experience. Another option, which achieves the same result, is to install the shower head high on the wall with a long arm extended at an angle so the water flows straight down, just like rain.


Rainshower mount height; Author: sum (FL) I have a rain shower that is to be mounted on the ceiling. Is there any general rule of thumb on what the ceiling shower arm length should be?


Rain shower heads come in sizes anywhere from 6 inches across to 10 inches or more. Larger sizes obviously deliver a larger area of “rain” for your shower, but if you have bad water pressure, a larger size with more nozzles will make the problem worse. Smaller showerheads with fewer nozzles will have more pressure.


When you install a rain shower head, you should place it at least 80 inches above your shower floor. But I found that you should install the rain shower head at least 84 inches above the shower floor, so that you can actually feel as if it is raining onto you as it is placed higher above.


Rain shower head should be a min 80” above shower floor but better at 84” to allow for a growing population as a typical male is 5’10” tall today but will increase over time to 6’ and more. Also the shower arm height ( typ. 4”) will need to be added to above to determine rough in height (supply pipe center).


The retaining wall for a shower refers to the raised edges of the shower pan on all sides, including the threshold into the shower. This directs water toward the drain and keeps it from leaving the shower. The retaining wall edges must be at least 3 inches high, and the threshold at least 2 inches high.


Accessible showers must provide a shower head on a flexible hose that is at least 60 inches long and usable as either a fixed or hand-held shower head. Some ADA compliant showers have a vertical bar that allows the fixed height to be set as desired and others include an additional shower head set at 60 inches.