While pretzels contain one-tenth the amount of fat found in potato chips, they offer no nutritional value. They are high in sodium, with one serving providing 25 percent of a person's suggested daily sodium allowance. Mo... More »

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While pretzels are generally low in fat, they contain high amounts of sodium, making them bad for those who wish to maintain a healthy diet. There are roughly 400 milligrams of sodium in a 1-ounce serving of soft pretzel... More »

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Healthy foods a child can eat for lunch include grilled chicken, whole wheat tortilla wraps, fruit and vegetables. The foods should be high in protein and fiber, with low salt and sugar content. More »

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The original Chex party mix is a combination of three Chex cereals, mixed nuts, bite-sized pretzels and bite-sized bagel chips. The party mix is seasoned with butter or margarine, Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonin... More »

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Ruffles, Lay's, Utz, Cape Cod and Pringles are some popular national brands of potato chips, while Ballreich's, Zapp's, Dieffenbach's and Great Lakes Potato Chip Company are some regionally recognized brands. Ruffles and... More »

Potato chips have different levels of grease depending on the brand, flavor and type. Many potato chip companies offer low-fat or reduced-fat options, which are less greasy compared to regular potato chips. More »

On Rachel Ray’s website, an individual can find a list of the best-tasting baked potato chips. The first three that are listed are Lay’s brand plain ripples, Kettle brand extra crunchy sour cream and onion, and Kettle br... More »