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The phonograph played a role in toys, time announcing clocks, books for the blind, and family records. Additionally, the phonograph made talking movies possible, Edison was the frontrunner of the cinema and it could not have been possible if he had not made the phonograph years earlier.


The device changed and altered over several years to keep up with the consumer demand. By 1913, the device started using discs rather than cylinders to play back sounds. Over time, the phonograph developed into the record players used in modern music.


That changed in 1877 when Thomas Edison unveiled his phonograph. It wasn’t the first such device to record and play back audio, but it was the first generally reliable one: scratchy and nearly ...


The phonograph changed society in much the same way that the first musical notation or the invention of the metronome changed the way musical tempo was measured and written; it provided a mechanical means of spreading music to the world, according to the New York Times.


Recorded music started nearly 150 years ago with the phonograph, an invention by Thomas Edison that recorded audio onto a rotating foil cylinder. Listening to music has, of course, changed since then.


Thomas Edison is best remembered as the inventor of the electric light bulb, but he first attracted great fame by creating an astounding machine that could record sound and play it back.In the spring of 1878, Edison dazzled crowds by appearing in public with his phonograph, which would be used to record people talking, singing, and even playing musical instruments.


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Anniversary of the phonograph: Thomas Edison invention that changed the world. This bizarre invention has almost definitely had a massive impact on your life – and you likely don’t even know ...


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