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Doug and Arva had five children together: Patricia, Ronnie, Bobby, Penny and Doug Jr. Bobby was born on March 20, 1948 at St. Joseph's Hospital, where his grandmother Elsie Orr was a nurse. Bobby was a sick baby at birth and his survival was tenuous. Bobby Orr displayed his hockey talents from an early age.


No other defenseman in the history of the NHL has ever won a scoring title. Bobby Orr did it twice - and both times was named best defenseman too. Orr won the Norris trophy a record 8 consecutive years. No other player has won it more than 3 consecutive years. For those who are of the opinion that Wayne Gretzky is the greatest ever, try this.


Discover Bobby Orr famous and rare quotes. Share Bobby Orr quotations about sports, hockey and fun. "You don't win by being good. You win..."


If, like me, you believe Bobby Orr was the greatest hockey player who ever lived, you’ll be happy to know that his autobiography, Orr: My Story, is due to be released on Oct. 15.


When Bobby Orr was at his peak, he was the best hockey player in the world. No other human was close. It was unbelievable how much better he was than anyone else in the pack behind. The NHL wasn ...


Bobby Orr is 65 now and still widely considered the greatest hockey player who ever lived. But if a man’s true greatness can be measured by the deeds he does when no one is looking, then Orr has ...


Any player who had the opportunity was to check, bump or put a stick on Orr, in an attempt to wear him down. [2] Bobby Clarke later recalled that the strategy did work although it did take some time. Clarke stated that Orr was the best player on the ice in game five, but in game six Orr wasn't the factor he had been in other games. [6]


We will never know what Bobby Orr could have done on a pair of good knees, had he not seen the knife more often than a dinner plate. How good would Orr have been in the day of arthroscopic surgery ...


The anger, and the disbelief, in Derek Sanderson's voice are unmistakably present 30 years after the fact. A long-ago attempt to besmirch the reputation of Bobby Orr remains a fresh wound, still ...


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