To eliminate mold inside the home, eliminate excess moisture in the area, ensure the area is adequately ventilated, and clean the area with soap, water, bleach and borate-based detergent. Clean the room thoroughly after ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To get rid of mold, locate it, empty the room and wash the molded surface multiple times. You need a tape measure, a bucket, a sponge, water, detergent, bleach, duct tape, plastic sheeting and safety equipment. It takes ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Getting rid of mold on a windowsill is a relatively simple process that you can complete in varying amounts of time depending on the size of the surface. To complete the process, you need gloves, a tarp, a dust mask, san... More »

The best treatment for mold in the home is to clean the moldy surface with detergent and water and let the surface dry completely. Always wear a respirator, gloves and goggles when handling mold. Once mold is removed, ma... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To clean black mold, wash the surface of the material with soap and water, and then disinfect the area with bleach or a commercial mold killer. Some porous materials must be replaced if the mold cannot be removed. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Eliminate sooty mold by treating the aphids, killing the ants that farm them and wiping the powder off the plants with a mild detergent solution. The problem forms due to the honeydew the aphids create when eating the pl... More »

To get rid of black mold, cover the vents in the affected rooms, open the windows, scrub the mold with detergent and bleach, and clean the furniture thoroughly. This eight-hour project requires tape, plastic sheets, a bu... More » Home & Garden Cleaning