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Yeah that's a big baby, but I've had box turtles that been around that size at 3 years, they tend to grow fast around that size too, as long as he/she is healthy dont worry. [hr] Oh duh. Lisa lol thought it was ther person who posted the thread, you do a great job on your shelled creatures


After hatching from an egg, a turtle has to make sure it isn't eaten by a predator before its shell hardens and it has more protection. The young turtles grow quickly until they reach sexual maturity and then grow more slowly. Each growth year adds a ring on the turtle's shell so it's easy to tell how fast they have grown and how old they are.


According to the growth history of our turtles I would expect a hatchling Slider double or triple in size the first year, grow about 50% in the second year, and then slow down to 10% per year after that until it reaches mature size.


The American eastern box turtle hatches out at about the size of a quarter. They are hard to keep, especially compared to their older selves. However, some people have success using some baby food for a few months. They are not fast growing...


\nyes turtles do grow with the shell because they are connected to the shell and it grows up to 12 inches ... How fast do red eared turtles grow? ... A box turtle can grow up to 4-inch and 1500 ...


I've had this box turtle for about 15 years now and he has stayed about the same size, then I got him a terrarium that is 6ft long and started feeding him healthy turtle food from the pet store on a daily basis and I swear he has grown a lot in the past 2-3 weeks. It is hard for me to tell, but he looks huge compared to before. I swear his shell must be an additional 1/4 inch longer than just ...


Several species of turtles can be kept in captivity. Turtles are generally easy to look after, although if turtles are not kept in adequate conditions, their growth may be stunted. If your turtle does not appear to be growing fast enough, check that its living conditions are meeting its requirements and observe your turtle's behavior carefully.


Box Turtles grow slowly, and are full grown at about 7 years. Proper feeding and housing are often the cause of growth problems. Here is a link to an excellent Care Sheet for Box Turtles that may help you with lighting, housing and feeding of your Boxie:


How fast do turtles grow? January 16, 2017. A green sea turtle eating seagrass. Credit Tui de Roy. By Stacey Venzel. Compared to other animals, turtles take their time making ticks on the growth chart. Humans can reach sexual maturity in their teenage years, but some turtles take twice as long to mature.


Red eared slider turtles can be great pets but you have to know what you are getting into before making this big of a commitment. Those cute little turtle hatchlings you see for sale will grow into large, long-lived, and somewhat messy aquatic turtles. Be prepared for how much space and cleaning they will need.