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Yes, dolphins can see. In fact some species of dolphin have excellent vision and are able to see objects at very far distances. The quality of eyesight a dolphin has often depends on its species.


you can only see for 15 miles as the earth curves and you cannot see that far. Correction. To a person of average height, the horizon over flat land is only about 3 mile … s/ 5 km away. You can ...


dolphin echolocation data card . dolphin echo location. Dolphin echo location Seeing without eyes? If you were a dolphin, and you lived in the murky waters of river deltas, or the blackness of the deep ocean, your eyes would be useless.You wouldn't find food, you wouldn't even find your fellow dolphins.


Dolphins have rods and cones in their retinas, which allow for vision in dim and bright light. Much like a cat’s eyes, which can reflect light at night, a dolphin's eyes have enlarged tapetums, which reflect light back to the retina. While dolphins use echolocation, a dolphin with the ability to see is more successful than one that cannot.


Dolphins hear when the sounds in the water bounce off the dolphin's jaw bone into the middle ear. Dolphins can hear far better than humans and their hearing is even better than that of dogs. The process of hearing in this way is called echolocation. Dolphins send sound waves through the water using their foreheads.


Dolphins see the world in a similar way to humans according to new research. Despite living in such different environments, the study concluded that dolphins, humans and chimpanzees perceive the ...


One research study showed that bottlenose dolphins can distinguish chemicals such as citric acid. In zoological parks, whales and dolphins show strong preferences for specific food fishes. Three studies indicated that taste buds may be found within 5 to 8 pits at the back of the tongue. One study found them in young dolphins and not adults.


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But scientists have examined the kinds of cells found in a dolphin's retina and concluded that they are unlikely to have very good, if any, color vision. For animals that can see color, a special type of cell called a 'cone' cell can be found in the retina. Cone cells are sensitive to light occurring in different color spectrums.


Dolphins can listen to a broader range of frequencies than humans. While we can hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, dolphins can hear from 20 to 150 kHz being up to 7 times more sensitive their hearing sense than the human ear. Therefore we are not able to listen to a significant number of sounds made by dolphins.