WebMD describes gastroparesis as a digestive disorder associated with diabetes in which the stomach delays emptying. Although most people suffering from gastroparesis have type 1 diabetes, the disorder also sometimes occ... More »

The function of the stomach is to store and partially digest food. The stomach is a J-shaped sack that lies between the esophagus and the small intestine. More »

Because owls eat their prey whole, they require a special digestive system consisting of a two-chambered stomach: the glandular stomach and gizzard. When an owl eats its prey, the prey first passes into the glandular sto... More »

Food poisoning can be treated at home by getting plenty of rest and letting a person's stomach settle by avoiding food and drink for a few hours, according to Mayo Clinic. It may also help if a person avoids certain food... More »

Some causes of stomach or abdominal pain and soreness include indigestion, menstrual cramps, food allergies and ulcers. Abdominal pain refers to any pain that affects the area between the chest and pelvic region, notes H... More »

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According to Colorado State University, hydrochloric acid in the stomach kills any bacteria in food. It both attacks proteins directly and activates the pepsin enzyme, which is even more powerful in breaking down protein... More »

Severe acid reflux is when food and acid from the stomach are forced back up the esophagus after eating by a burp, according to WebMD. Severe acid reflux could be a sign of gastrophageal reflux disease. More »

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