The Internet connects millions of computer networks together worldwide using a system of standardized protocols, such as TCP/IP. These protocols ensure that all the smaller networks that make up the greater Internet can ... More »

The Internet can be described as a worldwide network of computers. While some of its servers have more authority than others, it is largely decentralized. The Internet itself is only the hardware and its connections. Pro... More »

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The Internet refers to a large computer network that links together other, smaller computer networks. It includes a variety of networks that follow different protocols. More »

TCP/IP is a set of data communication protocols that allow computers to connect to the Internet and private networks. Each protocol performs a different task and facilitates data exchange between various applications. More »

Dial-up Internet access uses the telephone network to connect a computer directly to an Internet-service provider. A modem in the computer is used to process incoming and outgoing information. More »

The word "Internet" describes a digital connection between many networks or a network of networks. It is often believed to mean "International Network," but when the name was coined in the early 80s, people had no concep... More »