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Higher temperatures make higher levels of humidity possible. This is because warm air is capable of holding more moisture than cold air. Warm air has a stronger bond to water molecules, making the air feel drier and allowing more water to bond with air.


Humidity lowers air pressure by displacing nitrogen and oxygen molecules with lighter water molecules. Differences in humidity can cause storms to form. Humid air also presents challenges to pilots.


The primary factor affecting temperature is the angle of the sun. Other factors, such as elevation and wind chill, affect temperature or the perception of temperature.


Humidity can reduce static electricity. Water conducts electricity, so humidity in the air allows static electricity to leave objects.


Temperature affects paint consistency, drying time, appearance and durability. Recommended temperature ranges vary between brands, and manufacturers list this information on their packaging. Paints, varnishes and sealants work best when applied and left to dry at an acceptable temperature.


Temperature either raises or lowers the pH of a solution. If the temperature increases, the pH typically lowers. If the temperature decreases, the pH typically increases.


The factors that affect the temperature in an area are the latitude, height above sea level, distance from the sea, ocean currents and prevailing winds. These things work together to determine the climate of a location.


As temperature increases, the density of liquids and gases decreases; as temperature decreases, the density increases. Density is the amount of mass per unit of volume.


Physical activity increases body temperature; increased body temperature raises metabolism. A person who is exercising burns more energy (or calories) than someone sitting at a desk.


Air temperature decreases as altitude increases. Air is a mixture of gases, and at higher altitudes, air pressure decreases, which cools any gas. Air pressure on Earth is estimated to be about 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level.