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It negatively affects teens because it is an attention deficit, it can cause depression, cyber bullying, and it does harm to the physical health of a teen. Next time you use technology see how much time you spend on and how much it influences your opinions and life.


How Does Technology Affect Teen Health and Well-Being? September 18, 2017. ... Perhaps even more important, TV is primarily a passive device, while today’s technology is interactive, connecting teens not only to friends and students worldwide, but also to bullies and predators. There is a yin and a yang to technology that is hard for parents ...


Almost all teens use technology everyday. That raises the question “Is the use of technology affecting teens in a positive way or a negative way?” As a fellow teen, in my daily life, I use ...


While it does teach them to multitask, it can also have a negative impact on their ability to focus- which will cause an impact on their performance in school. Technology affects teenagers’ behavior. Teenagers are still trying to discover who they are and create an identity for themselves.


93% of teenagers 12-17 are online—the largest percentage of any age group. Only 8% of families with teens have no computer, and only 4% of homes with computers don’t have access to Internet. 80% of teens 12-17 own a game console. 75% of all teens have a cell phone. A typical teen sends about 50 texts per day.


It’s a question as frustrating as a hangnail, asked virtually every time I give a public lecture on teen brain development. It’s some form of: “is the digital world bad for the adolescent brain?” I’m frustrated because I can’t really give a satisfying answer. I end up misting the ...


Something that may seem like a good idea five minutes ago can end up haunting a teen for weeks, months, or even a lifetime. The large majority of children and teens who use the internet and cellphones do so responsibly. It is a rather small segment of children who abuse the internet and technology.


Explain the effects of technology on sleep to your child. No one likes to be told what to do, and that’s especially the case for teenagers, as many parents will attest. Rather than telling your child to turn off the computer and go to sleep, educate them on how technology affects sleep. Then empower them to make their own decisions.


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The rapid expansion of technology in children’s lives has enabled many opportunities for their educational development. However, if not used effectively or appropriately, technology can also be a headwind for children’s academic wellbeing. When reviewing evidence and practice in this area, the question is not whether children should use technology for their learning.