Solar energy emerges when light energy from the sun strikes a silicon solar panel to produce an electrical current. The silicon in the solar panels can transform light energy into electricity because the movement of elec... More » Science Chemistry

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, solar power can involve generating current directly from the action of ultraviolet radiation on treated silicon using the sun's heat to boil water and drive an electric... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

A solar car uses photovoltaic cells to transform energy from the sun to charge a battery or to power the vehicle directly. The land speed record for a solar car is 55.2 miles per hour, set on Jan. 7, 2011 by the Sunswift... More »

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In plant cells, chloroplasts perform photosynthesis, a process that converts light energy from the sun into chemical energy in the form of glucose. Plants can later use this stored chemical energy to carry out activities... More »