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How does the Royal Family's lineage work? Who's after the Queen? ... I understand it is a lineage thing. Is there a family tree or something that is accessible to the public? How did it happen that she is the Queen and her husband is only the Prince? ... Are the Queen and our Royal Family in distress about the state of their kingdom based on ...


At the top of the hierarchy of royal titles is, of course, the king and queen. They may alternately be called emperor and empress if they rule over an empire rather than a country. (This is a somewhat antiquated notion that has more to do with semantics than any functional difference.)


But — despite the constant flood of royal paparazzi photos and press releases — it can be tough to discern what it is the family members actually do.


A fascinating look at the history and the lineage of the British royal family. Here’s a little education on the current Royal Family – the house of Windsor – with some trivia and tidbits on the family that has reigned over the United Kingdom for over 1200 years.


No family tree is cooler than that of the British royal family. Who wouldn’t want to be related to the ever-stylish Queen Elizabeth II? What’s interesting about the royals in particular is ...


The British Royal family's lineage can be traced, in different ways of course, to William the Conqueror (1028-1087), Conrad Margrave of Meissen(1098-1157). There is even ways (albeit unproven ones) to trace the Queen's lineage from people like Muhammad (through Spanish Monarchs), Vlad the Impaler (through the Dukes of Teck, who are the Queen's ...


Yes, we all know that Queen Elizabeth II is the queen, but what do the other members of the family do for money, and how much of it do they get? The issue of royal finances can sometimes be a ...


If you dream about living like a prince or princess, you'd better look to Disney, because in real life the British Royal family works pretty hard.


How Princess Charlotte's birth has changed the House of Windsor family tree ... realms over which the Royal Family reigns. ... problem of how to combine a royal title with a need to find work ...


A royal family hierarchy is the hierarchical representation of the extended family of a king or a queen. A royal family is typically a large family consisting of different members. The members include the spouse of monarch, who is ruling presently, the spouses of a monarch who is deceased, brother, sister, cousins and grandchildren of the ...