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Once you obtain your undergraduate degree, your period of military service begins. ROTC prepares you to start at the officer level, so that you do not have to work your way up through entry-level military positions. AROTC graduates start active duty as Second Lieutenants, while NROTC graduates become Navy Ensigns or Marine Corps Second Lieutenants.


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What are Army ROTC courses like? How will the class work help me? Will ROTC classes interfere with his/her other studies? Army ROTC classes normally involve one elective class and one lab per semester. Although the classes involve hands-on fieldwork as well as classroom work, they are standard college classes that fit into a normal academic ...


Regardless of a student's financial background, the ROTC scholarships are a major draw for many enrollees. And because the scholarships are based on merit rather than need, all students are eligible. In this article, we'll discuss how students can use ROTC as a means to pay for higher education.


What ROTC Programs Are and How They Work ... The Coast Guard does not have an ROTC program but rather a College Student Pre-Commisioning Initiative, which offers scholarships and a spot at officer ...


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How does ROTC work? If I am pursuing a degree and work full time, can I do ROTC?: I am pursuing a degree , and the university, has ROTC. Since i am an e5, and evaluating going to ocs, i researched and people have done ROTC doing Masters. I am 32 btw.


Army ROTC does not automatically pay for college, and signing up does not mean you're enlisting. ... 3 Myths About Army ROTC Scholarships for College ... Experts say work ethic alone isn't enough ...


Army ROTC ranks work similar to actual active Army ranks but individuals are properly addressed with the word “cadet” preceding the rank, as they are trainees. For example, Jane Smith works her way up through the ranks to colonel in ROTC. She would then be properly addressed as "Cadet Colonel Jane Smith."


Army ROTC is one of the best leadership courses in the country. Learn about ROTC scholarship programs, requirements & colleges today. Army ROTC is one of the best leadership courses in the country. Learn about ROTC scholarship programs, requirements & colleges today.