To get your hair to grow quickly, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and sleep adequately. Also, avoid any damage to the hair, and treat it with natural ingredients such as essential oils. In a... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Human hair grows at a fairly consistent rate of 0.5 millimeter per day or about 0.5 inch per month. Age, genetics and hormones that can affect the rate of hair growth. More »

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A healthy lifestyle, including a good diet and exercise, can improve hair growth. Minoxidil can make hairs grow on thinning areas of the scalp, but doesn't affect the growth rate of the rest of the hair. Treating medical... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

The best way to speed up general hair growth is to eat a healthy diet rich in protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water. Eyegrow regrowth can be stimulated by a number of ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Maintaining a healthy diet, reducing stress, using supplements and exercise help grow a thicker beard. Using minoxidil on the face and shaving does not make a beard grow thicker. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

The best way to make hair grow faster is to eat a diet rich in proteins, iron and zinc, stop using harmful hair dyes and products and to massage the scalp periodically. While hair often grows too slowly to see a visible ... More »