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Arising in America during the 1960s, popular culture grew from diverse desires for international unity, recognition of non-western cultures, and the spread of global economic markets.


Unlike folk culture, popular culture will modify the environment with little concern for local environmental conditions. The builders will create or fill-in valleys, and put in sand and water. Other businesses try to create uniformity with their environment to attract customers.


Popular culture (also called pop culture) is generally recognized by members of a society as a set of the practices, beliefs and objects that are dominant or ubiquitous in a society at a given point in time. Popular culture also encompasses the activities and feelings produced as a result of interaction with these dominant objects.


How Does Culture Spread? how does folk culture spread 3 ways culture spreads 3 ways culture can change how does culture change and spread spread of culture how do ideas spread where does popular culture originate


popular culture to spread nearly instantaneously across the globe. Key Issue 4. Why does globalization of popular culture cause problems? Threat to folk culture. The globalization of popular culture represents to many people in . folk cultural societies a loss of traditional values, from the standard of dress to the role of ...


The Spread of American Popular Culture . Globalization enables foreign companies to distribute American cultural products, including music and books. The spread of American restaurant chains and consumer products worldwide is accompanied by the spread of American popular culture. In recent years, American movies, music, and TV shows have ...


The Amish spread fast but didn’t go all that far west as evident in the map of their communities above. The answer to the way the Amish have kept their own folk culture alive is rooted in the folk culture itself. It’s very strict and very family and community oriented.


folk and popular culture; Shared Flashcard Set. Details. Title. folk and popular culture. Description. AP human geography study guide. Total Cards. 30. Subject. Geography. Level. 9th Grade. ... folk cultures are spread primarily by ___ Term. folk culture: Definition. the use of a horse and buggy by the Amish in the U.S. is an example of a ___


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Folk culture is often contrasted with popular culture. With viral videos and many other forms of expansion diffusion, the connection to the culture's origins are often less clear, and so they are ...