Evaporation occurs as a result of the energy transfer between molecules due to random collisions that can excite molecules to turn from liquid to gas. While some level of evaporation can occur at a temperature below the ... More »

Evaporation is a cooling process because when liquid turns to gas, it needs more energy, and so it has to take that energy from its surroundings. The energy is in the form of heat, and when the heat energy leaves with th... More »

A humidifier releases water vapor into the air from an internal reservoir, dispersing it through various means. Warm mist humidifiers boil water to produce steam, while cool mist humidifiers rely on physical means to spr... More »

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The process of condensation occurs when molecules of gas lose thermal energy which causes them to change into a liquid state. Condensation is a change in the physical state of matter and the process is the opposite of ev... More »

When air is heated, its molecules move at an increased velocity due to an increase in kinetic energy. The increase in energy allows the gas to expand as the temperature increases. More »

The three main points of the kinetic theory of matter are all matter consists of molecules and atoms; these molecules and atoms are constantly in motion; and as the temperature increases, the speed of the particles, and ... More »

Gas molecules diffuse faster than liquid molecules because they have more kinetic energy and are smaller than liquid molecules. When heat is added to a gas or liquid, the amount of kinetic energy in the molecules increas... More »