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Reading affects many aspects of life: it promotes cognitive function, which helps ward off diseases like Alzheimer's, enhances knowledge of different topics and reduces stress and anxiety. Reading books and quality magazine articles introduces readers to new situations,...


Weather can prevent people from spending time outdoors, cause physical damage to people and environments and change a person's mood and mental health, according to The Huffington Post. Seasonal changes can cause crime and suicide rates to rise and fall.


Some ways that the media affects people include people who gain unwanted weight and compromise their health because of excessive use of electronics and students whose excessive media consumption interferes with academic work and lowers student performance. Media also af...


Aging affects the skin in terms of its texture, transparency, elasticity, fragility, and susceptibility to bruising and lesions, explains WebMD. Growing older results in naturally occurring changes to the skin’s surface as well as beneath the skin in terms of fat loss, ...


Fashion affects people by influencing emotions and behavior. Fashion can help a person to feel a certain way about one?s self and to project a specific image to others.


According to a review published in the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, color has been found to benefit the function of memory in numerous research studies. Memory refers to the process of encoding, retaining and retrieving information about a person's environment...


The family affects society in a number of ways including how people socialize, the beliefs people have, communication, lawfulness and economic activities. The family is the basic or smallest unit in every society.