Stars do die. The nuclear fusion reaction in stars stops and the star shrinks into a white dwarf due to gravity. The white dwarf further shrinks by releasing energy and becomes a black dwarf, when no energy is released e... More »

According to Dog Star Daily, the idea that dogs run away to die is largely a myth. Most dogs that do not come home are lost, hurt, stolen, picked up by strangers or taken to an animal shelter. More »

As of May 2015, actress Pam Dawber is alive and well. She has devoted more time to her family than to acting in recent decades. In September 2014, Dawber appeared in a PBS documentary remembering her "Mork and Mindy" co-... More » Art & Literature

According to the University of Leicester, high mass stars are those that have at least three times the mass of the Sun. By contrast, low mass stars have less than half of the mass of the Sun, and intermediate mass stars ... More »

Interstellar bubbles are made when stellar winds caused by massive stars or supernovae push the interstellar gas around them outwards in a bubble shape. Stars clustered close enough together form giant bubbles when their... More » Science Astronomy Stellar Astronomy

A white dwarf star is the final evolutionary phase of a star, occurring after low- and medium-mass stars lose the necessary mass to support carbon-fusing temperatures. Prior to becoming a white dwarf, a star becomes a re... More »

Though the parallax method for working out distances has been known since Euclid, even the closest stars are so distant that their shift could not be measured with the necessary precision until the 19th century. The larg... More »