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A retainer fee is an established amount of money that a client pays to ensure the availability of a freelancer or an attorney, according to Entrepreneur magazine and About.com. Cornell University Law School explains three retainer fee structures for lawyers: general retainer, retaining fee and speci


An attorney's retainer can serve as a flat fee that is nonrefundable to secure services, or it can serve as a refundable retainer that serves as a deposit in which the lawyer deducts hourly fees when used, according to Ingenuity Law. Unused funds are returned with a refundable retainer.


An advertising agency retainer is a payment method where the agency bills a client company a specific amount of money per month for all work performed on an account. Retainer agreements allow the agency to dedicate more talent resources to an account. They are typically active for 1 year.


The three main types of retainers are the Hawley, the clear plastic and the fixed retainer, according to Dr. Boese. Retainers ensure teeth stay in position after orthodontic treatment, giving the periodontal ligaments time to adjust.


Retained earnings are used by businesses to fund growth activities and projects, as noted by Chron Small Business. Retained earnings represent taxed profits that have not been distributed to shareholders. The account is represented as a credit on the balance sheet.


Care fee payment plans are financial instruments that cover healthcare costs for the remainder of the holder's life. The price of a care fee payment plan stems from how much money is needed for suitable care. After requesting an amount, the insurer assesses the time and resources needed to supply su


An example of retained earnings is when a company does not pay dividends on its profits for the year, choosing to keep the profits for future use. The amount of these profits, combined with any profits from past years kept for use, is the amount of retained earnings for that year. Profits are calcul


Caffeine does not cause water retention because it is considered a diuretic. A diuretic helps the body to excrete fluids, states the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. Because caffeine is also a stimulant, consumption of excess amounts of caffeine products can lead to different side effect


Work from home jobs that do not require a sign-up fee include virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist, translator and web developer. Though these jobs have no sign-up fees, the employee may need to invest in home office equipment after getting hired.


Axle retaining clips are small pieces of metal that hold axle shafts and CV axles in place in the differential or transfer case of a vehicle. Axle retainer clips can be both circular, especially in CV front axle vehicles, or c-clip retainers in rear- and four-wheel drive vehicles. The retainer clips