A flute works by blowing air across the mouthpiece, which creates vibrations that make the sound. The musician makes different notes by covering the holes in the flute. More »

Some famous pieces written for the flute are "Concertino" by Cecile Chaminade, "Syrinx" by Claude Debussy, "Flute Sonata in D" by Sergei Prokofiev, and "Flute Concerto in D Major" by Mozart. These are generally considere... More »

To summon a Warg, the player must first become a Ragnarok Mechanic and learn the Warg Mastery Level 1 skill. If the player is a Blacksmith, they must be at a base level of 99 and have a work level of 50. Whitesmiths must... More »

A trumpet makes sound when the musician makes a buzzing sound while blowing air through closed lips and into the mouthpiece. The air causes a standing wave vibration in the air column inside of the trumpet, which travels... More »

The clarinet produces sound by blowing air across a reed, into the mouthpiece, down through the body of the instrument and by pressing keys or covering holes on the instrument to change notes. The notes change in this ma... More »

A drum makes sound due to the vibrations of the material stretched across its hollow body. When a stick, mallet, or hand strikes down on this surface material, it begins to vibrate up and down. The vibration moves the ai... More »

Wind instruments produce sound through vibrations created by a user's breath as it travels through the instruments' tubes. A person's breath causes the air molecules within a tube to collide and create sound waves. The n... More »