Flowers reproduce when pollen from the male stamen fertilizes the female organ, which is called the carpel. All flowering plants have both male and female reproductive organs. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

A Bird of Paradise flower yields its beautiful blossoms more quickly if reproduced by division rather than by seed. To propagate a Bird of Paradise plant by division you need a knife, rooting hormone, a pot, potting mixt... More »

Plants and flowers reproduce in two distinct ways, either through the process of pollination, in which the genetic material of two plants are combined to create an offspring, or through asexual reproduction, in which one... More »

The anther is the part of a flower's stamen that produces pollen, a yellow dust-like substance. The stamen is the male part of the flower that consists of the anther and filament. More »

The stamen is the part of a flower that produces pollen. The anther, which is supported by a filament, is the part of the stamen where the pollen is produced. More »

According to Biosciences for Farming in Africa, sexual reproduction in plants occurs when pollen from a plant's stamen reaches the stigma of a flower. The pollen contains sperm cells while the stigma holds the correspond... More »

Pollination takes place when bees or other pollinators pick up the pollen from a flower's stamen and transfer it to another flower's stigma as they move from flower to flower. Pollination is not an intentional process, b... More »