All droughts are ultimately caused by a lack of precipitation. This reduced precipitation does not have to be local; areas that receive water from rivers, for example, can be affected by a lack of precipitation thousands... More »

During a drought, the affected area has less water, which can cause plants to struggle and die. Droughts can also cause erosion and threaten animal populations. More »

According to some people, the signs of the end of the world include the severe drought destroying trees in California, bird flu outbreak, displacement of starving sea lions, rebuilding of the Altar of the Lord in Jerusal... More » World View Fortune Superstition

Droughts can occur anywhere on the planet, but they are most prevalent and long-lasting in arid climates. Areas of the globe that experience high humidity and precipitation can have droughts when rainfall totals taper of... More » Science Earth Science

One important fact about droughts is that they increase the risk of wildfires. Low moisture and lack of precipitation can create hazardous conditions in forests and range lands that may create wildfires capable of causin... More »

Put simply, droughts are caused by a prolonged depletion of precipitation in a certain ecosystem or climate over a long period of time. Unlike normal dry spells, droughts are so severe that they can thoroughly dry out va... More »

An avalanche occurs when snow packed on a mountain or slope becomes loose and slides down. Several factors, including human ones, contribute to the loosening of snow and ice and the potential for danger to people and pro... More »