A dog laps water up into its mouth by flipping up the tip of its tongue to capture the water, then pulling the tongue back into its mouth. The mechanism used by dogs to lap up water is the same employed by cats, albeit i... More »

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Dogs should never drink caffeinated coffee, but if a dog accidentally consumes some, it is unlikely he or she will suffer any ill effects. The most dangerous ingredient for dogs in coffee is the caffeine, which can lead ... More »

Dogs who drink even small amounts of alcohol will seem to be drunk; however, alcohol acts as a poison for dogs. Veterinarian Dr. Becky Lundgren on the Veterinary Information Network says pets who drink alcohol need to be... More »

Although the saliva on dogs' tongues offers some antibacterial protections, calling a dog's tongue antiseptic is a stretch because antibacterial compounds are not the only things to be found in a dog's mouth. Harmful bac... More »

To whistle with your fingers, place the tips of two fingers into your mouth and under the tip of your tongue. Close your mouth and blow hard to make a loud whistle. More »

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Whistling Tom explains that the first step in whistling with your mouth is to put the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. The air that flows between the roof of your mouth and the top of your tongue is wha... More »

To whistle with two fingers, cover your bottom teeth with your lower lip, put your pinkie fingers into your mouth, and curl the tip of your tongue. Take a deep breath, and blow the air across the tip of your tongue. More »

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