Purchasing a cashier's check immediately transfers the monetary amount of that check from the buyer's account into the bank's account, where it remains until the recipient cashes the check, explains About.com. Because th... More »

Typical responsibilities for cashiers include ringing up items, greeting customers, answering customer questions, handling returns and exchanges, and providing customers with proper change. Cashiers also count down their... More »

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A cashier's check does not have an expiration date and is guaranteed by the issuing bank until the check is paid. The funds of a cashier's check generally must be turned over to the state's unclaimed property custodian a... More »

The general steps of sending money through a bank wire transfer include obtaining the recipient's bank name, bank ABA routing number, bank account number and delivery instructions; contacting the bank to ask about the sp... More »

A deposited check has cleared when the money is taken out of the check writer's account and placed into the recipient's. A written check has cleared when the money leaves the check writer's account. More »

A bank draft offers guaranteed funding, as the institution issuing it has already collected money to cover its value, while a check draws funds from an individual's account. Unless the purchaser of the bank draft asks th... More »

Some ways to transfer money from one bank to another include a wire transfer, writing a check or doing a transfer with an account and routing number. Customers should be aware that some financial institutions may charge ... More »