To teach writing, choose a writing strategy, guide students as they write, and provide opportunities for them to practice independently. Six traits of writing to use as a model are organization, ideas, voice, word choice... More » Education Writing

Teaching a child to read is a great way to spend quality time while imparting an invaluable skill. You can teach a child to read using these steps. Make sure to have several short, easy books available. More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

Use writing samples to teach students how to write by deconstructing a sample essay into its successful components and designing lesson plans around teaching students how to develop these skills. Emphasize the importance... More » Education K-12

A reflection journal is the product of a writing technique often used as an educational and leadership development strategy to promote deep levels of critical thinking and analysis. This journal writing technique require... More » Education Writing

Persuasive writing is a written form of nonfiction that requires elementary students to develop arguments, summarize the controversy or problem and persuade the reader with an assertive writing tone and careful word choi... More » Education Writing

Some good writing prompts for fifth graders include asking students to write a story about what kind of super hero they'd be, describing what similarities and differences exist between best friends and writing a process ... More » Education Writing

Fun writing exercises for students include eavesdropping and brainstorming. Eavesdropping requires students to overhear someone on a bus or public place, then write a story expanding on what they heard. In brainstorming,... More » Education Writing