To simplify a fraction, divide both the top number, the numerator, and the bottom number, the denominator, by the greatest common factor. Simplifying a fraction is reducing it to its lowest form. More »

To simplify a fraction, determine the greatest common factor, and then divide it into both the numerator and the denominator. The greatest common factor is the largest number that divides evenly into both numbers in the ... More »

To simplify a complex fraction, calculate common denominators for both the numerator and the denominator, combine like terms, and then solve the complex fraction by flipping the denominator to multiply. Dividing and mult... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

Improper fractions are those in which the numerator (top number) is larger than the denominator (bottom number). According to Math is Fun, improper fractions are better for use in mathematical formulae, but mixed fractio... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

According to Math is Fun, the meaning of simplest form is the numerator, or the top number of a fraction, and the denominator, or the bottom number of a fraction, cannot be reduced any further while still remaining a who... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

A unit fraction is a fraction where the top number, known as the numerator, is one, and the bottom number, known as the denominator, is any positive number. Additionally, the denominator must be an integer, or round numb... More »

In fractional math, a numerator is the top number in a fraction, and the denominator is the bottom number. In the fraction one-half, for instance, one is the numerator, and two is the denominator. More »