Remove a tick safely by using tweezers, grabbing and pulling the tick correctly, cleaning the area and disposing of the tick. Be sure to contact a doctor if a rash or flu-like symptoms develop after removing a tick. More » Health

The best way to remove ticks at home is with a pair of tweezers, says WebMD. It is important to grasp the tick with the tweezers as close to its mouth as possible, and then gently pull the tick straight off your skin unt... More » Health Insect & Animal Bites

A tick can be safely removed by grasping it with tweezers and pulling it away from the skin with steady, even pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Tick bite victims should clean the bite area and their... More » Health Insect & Animal Bites

You can remove a tick from the skin by using tweezers, according to Mayo Clinic. Remove the entire tick by grasping it from its mouth, right where it meets the skin. More »

If during removal, a tick's head breaks off and the mouth parts remain in the skin, remove the mouth parts with tweezers, if possible, recommends the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If removing the mouth is i... More »

If a tick's head breaks off during removal, it should be treated as a splinter and removed with a pair of tweezers, advises the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Sears recommends pinching the area of skin where ... More »

To remove a wood tick, grasp it firmly with tweezers as close to the mouth as possible, and pull it straight out, advises WebMD. Wash the area with soap and water, and apply an antibiotic cream. More »