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Grow a banana tree by planting it in a good location, preparing the soil, watering the tree regularly, mulching the area and fertilizing the plant. You need water, mulch, fertilizer and a banana tree.


For optimal growth, fertilize banana plants in containers monthly with a balanced fertilizer that provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in equal proportion. Fertilizers such as 5-5-5 or 10-10-10 are good choices for banana trees. For banana plants growing outdoors...


Bananas are a healthy food because of their benefits to the eyes, the heart and the digestive system. Feeding on bananas can also help one to achieve weight loss goals.


Grow bananas by choosing a good location, planting at the right time, preparing the soil, watering the plant well, adding fertilizer and wrapping the plants during the winter. You need water, fertilizer, compost, well-drained soil, a pot, fleece and a trowel.


Banana paper is made by combining part of the fiber of the banana with recycled paper. The combination is then put through water systems and other processes to create usable, eco-friendly paper.


Bananas originate from the Southeast Asian region as well as from India. Bananas first spread into the world when Arab conquerors of the region in 327 B.C. brought it west into Asia Minor and Africa. The banana began to be produced in high volume starting in 1834.


While bananas are relatively high in sugar compared to other fruits, with about 14 grams of sugar per banana, they also offer fiber and nutrients, so they are relatively healthy. They are high in vitamin B6, providing about one-quarter of the recommended daily value.