To grow out a hair perm, simply take care of the hair to keep it healthy, and get it trimmed regularly. Commit to being patient in the process, as a perm takes several months to grow out. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

There are different methods to remove permanent chemicals from the hair. Some of these methods include shampooing, a visit to a hair salon and hot oil treatment. More »

Perming works by inflicting damage to the structure of the hair by applying a solution that break the bonds that hold the keratin on the hair together. Another solution is applied to the hair for the keratin to fuse toge... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Chemical Hair Treatments

Thermally styling hair with a flat iron or curling iron does not ruin a perm because perms permanently alter the shape of the hair and thermal styling only temporarily alters it. However, the repeated tension and heat in... More »

To take care of hair, use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner regularly. Take care when towel drying, combing and blow drying the hair to prevent damage and keep hair healthy. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

An eyelash perm is a treatment that keeps eyelashes curled for up to three months. Curled eyelashes tend to appear longer than straight eyelashes and can also give the appearance of larger, more open eyes. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

A person can get rid of a perm by trying different methods, such as shampooing the hair, using conditioners or oil treatments, cutting the hair, reverse perming or a straightening process. If a person wants to get rid of... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair