An object can be levitated in the air by using a strong sound wave sequence. The sound waves create pockets of air that are able to stand within the air and hold small or lightweight objects up. Since the sound waves are... More » Hobbies & Games Magic & Illusions

There is no real spell that allows people to levitate objects. However, fans of the "Harry Potter" book series are familiar with the "Wingardium Leviosa" spell used by the characters to levitate and navigate objects whil... More » World View Paranormal

While levitation of objects is possible using a number of scientific methods, magic tricks often use an illusion to create this effect, and there is no known way of levitating a person without the use of science or illus... More »

Because sound is a mechanical wave initiated by an object's vibration, it is propagated by subsequent molecular collisions. Once the colliding air particles hit the eardrum, several internal structures vibrate. These vib... More »

A sonic boom as an impulsive wave similar to thunder caused by an object exceeding the speed of sound, according to The speed of sound is approximately 750 mph at sea level. More »

Plasma ball tricks take advantage of the tendency of electrons to flow out of the partial vacuum of the glass sphere, through any conducting object touching the surface and to the ground. These electrons affect any unshi... More » Hobbies & Games Magic & Illusions

Thunder is the sound created when lightning passes through the air, causing it to rapidly heat and cool, resulting in a massive pressure wave that can be heard. A single lightning bolt can raise the temperature of the ai... More »