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How I identify myself depends entirely on the situation I'm in and how open people are to accepting me. I'm not always a good judge of the latter. When I travel abroad, I identify myself as American and I try to describe where I am from, geograph...


I must say I identify with Christianity the most as it is the most important part of my life. Second would be my German heritage. I never really understood people who refuse to be categorized, but ...


As an adult (at 49 I finally have to concede that I am an adult) my identity seems to be so tied up in the roles I play. I see myself as a teacher, a father, and a husband. But the problem I see ...


Over our second bowl of mixed nuts, a professor’s husband leaned in toward me asked me a question, “How do you culturally identify yourself?” Little did he know, his question was a loaded gun. You see, I’m a first generation American. My father is French, but was born in French-occupied Germany.


Notice how you identify yourself. Once you start paying attention to the way you think about yourself and about the world, look specifically for the ways in which you identify yourself. See what groups and communities you use to create your identity. All of these inform how you see yourself and tell you what you are letting define you.


Who Are You? How do you identify yourself? July 29, 2016 July 30, 2016. I’m on a train northbound from Portland, OR. I love visiting Portland: tax-free shopping, food carts, consignment shops, and wandering around Powell’s City of Books. Being in a new city often crystalizes or magnifies things differently for me.


I'm not asking how you think one should identify themselves, but how you personally identify yourself. Through race? An interest? Do you not identify yourself through anything, or not think about it? These are just leading questions; you can answer however you like.


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How Do You Identify Yourself? By Sylvia Pearce What you identify with, you are putting your hope, faith, trust and your confidence in. BODY Body minded (“The Mind Set On The Flesh”) Lie: I identify myself as my body: “I am my body”--my appearance is who I am. Either I am beautiful and that is who I am, or I am average, or I


The latest CBSN Originals documentary, “Gender | The Space Between,” takes a deep dive into the complexities of gender identity and gender expression. While transgender stories have become ...