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The best way to identify a tree by its leaves, which are either coniferous or deciduous. Conifers keep their leaves all year, while deciduous trees shed their leaves, usually during winter. Look at details of the leaf, such as its shape, placement and how many leaves ar...


To identify a tree's species, look for its leaf, fruit, cone or needle in a tree species guide, such as the one at Arborday.org. When leaves are shed during the winter, examine other parts of the tree, such as twigs and branch patterns.


You may identify a tree from its leaves by comparing its different attributes to listings in a database or guide of tree leaves. Tools needed to identify a leaf include a compilation of known tree attributes, which can be found online, in books or through different appl...


You can identity trees in Florida using the tree and leaf identification keys provided by the Florida Forest Service. The leaf identification key assists with recognition of trees by the leaf's unique characteristic while the tree identification key narrows down the sea...


If a tree is currently bearing fruit, examining its fruit can be one of the easiest ways to identify the tree. For this reason, fruit is one of the first things to look for when trying to determine the species of a particular tree.


Identify common trees in California by looking at tree identification guides available online at the Urban Tree Key, California Forest Foundation, Arbor Day and Tree Leaf Key on About.com websites. Either peruse the different trees native to California and the lists of ...


Identifying different types of pine trees can be difficult, but an educated observer can focus on specific characteristics to help with the process. This education includes observing the quantity and appearance of needles, analyzing the cones and assessing the bark.