The volume of a box with height "a" and basal area "B" is given by the formula V = a*B, and the volume of a spherical solid of radius "r" is given by the formula V = 4/3*pi*r^3. Volume measures the amount of space occupi... More »

According to Math Open Reference, the volume of a cube is calculated using the following formula: [side (in)] 3. This formula requires you to take a side measurement, convert the measurement to inches, and then multiply ... More »

The volume of a prism is worked out by first calculating the area of the surface and then multiplying that figure by the length of the prism. This applies whatever the shape a prism takes. More »

The formula for deriving a cylinder's height involves dividing its volume by the area of one of its end faces. If the physical cylinder is present, measuring the shortest distance along the curved side from one end to th... More »

Find the volume of a square pyramid by using the formula (1/3) x A^2 x h, where A is the measurement of one side of the square base and h is the height. You need to know the values of the base and the height of the pyram... More »

The volume of a hollow cylinder can be found by taking the area of the base and multiplying that by the height of the cylinder. The formula for the area of the base is pi times the radius of the base squared. A numerical... More » Math Geometry Shapes

The volume of a cone is found by multiplying the area of the circular base by the height of the cone, and then dividing the product by 3. The area of the base is found by taking the square of the radius and multiplying i... More » Math Geometry Shapes