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To put on make up, begin with your face, then move to your eyes and end with your lips. Start with a clean face.


There are many ways to create dazzling effects with makeup. The following method takes only minutes and requires basic cosmetic supplies. To create this look, you need synthetic makeup brushes, cosmetic sponges, foundation, concealer, lip gloss, blush, an eyebrow pencil...


The best way to wear makeup is to start with moisturizer and concealer, apply a base foundation followed by blush and finish with the eyes. The old adage of "less is more" applies with makeup, as too much can appear caked-on and heavy.


The secret to eye makeup is applying it so that it complements the eyes. The necessary supplies are makeup brushes, eye shadow in three to four shades, eyeliner and mascara. The application takes approximately 5 minutes.


Makeup for a 1920s look starts with a light foundation. The lips and eyes are emphasized, while the cheek coloring is kept natural. The eyebrows should be narrow and sloped down for an authentic 1920s look.


Women can look good without makeup by maintaining healthy skin and getting plenty of sleep. Following a regular grooming routine is also key to a natural, makeup-free look.


When creating a '60s make-up look, create a bold eye by using a combination of eye shadows to include a pale shimmer, a mid-tone brown shimmer and a darker brown color with hints of gold. Heavy mascara, liquid liner and a pale glossy lip color complete the look.