To calculate percentages on a calculator, divide the part by the whole and then multiply the answer by 100. For example, to find what percent of 80 is 20, divide 20 by 80. The result is 0.25, then multiply 0.25 by 100 wh... More » Math Math Calculators

Percentage, often represented by "%," is a way to say parts per 100. Percentages can be calculated by dividing any fractions that result in a decimal quotient and then multiplying by 100. This can be done by hand or esti... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

Percentage can be calculated on a basic calculator by multiplying with the percent button. If the percent button is not present, the percent amount can be converted to a decimal and that can be multiplied instead. More »

With a regular calculator using basic math functions, it is possible to calculate percentages. To calculate percentages on a regular calculator, find the difference between the two numbers be compared, then divide that n... More »

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