Whales can eat anything from plankton to krill, fish, giant squid or other whales. What a whale eats depends on whether it has teeth or baleen. More »

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Whales do not eat people. Many whales do not even have teeth but, instead, filter their food from water. Orca whales eat large marine mammals, such as seals, walruses and even other whales; however, there has never been ... More »

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Right whales primarily feed upon zooplankton, a type of plankton consisting of mostly microscopic live animals. These include tiny crustaceans such as copepods and krill; pteropoda; free-swimming sea slugs and sea snails... More »

Humpback whales feed on fish, krill and plankton. Adult humpbacks have no natural enemies. Scars on juveniles suggest that they may be attacked by killer whales, but this has not been observed directly. More »

Orcas, the largest dolphins in the sea, subsist on a diet of fish, seals, sea lions, squid and dolphins, and they also eat porpoises and whales. Also called killer whales, orcas are highly social animals that travel in f... More »

Killer whales eat a wide range of large animals, including seals, sea lions, smaller whales, bony fish, sharks, cephalopods, sea turtles and otters. They are the apex predators of the oceans, swallowing smaller prey whol... More »

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Baleen whales eat baitfish, herring, pollock, plankton and krill. There are 12 species of baleen whales. The group gets its name from the plates of baleen fiber in their mouths that act as teeth. More »