To estimate the number of words in a book, multiply the number of pages by 250. For example, a 400-page book contains approximately 100,000 words. More » Art & Literature Literature

A mixed number contains a whole number and a fraction. To estimate fractions with mixed numbers, add the benchmark of the fraction to the whole number. More »

Estimate the number of flagstones for a walkway by determining the approximate length and width of the pathway and multiplying the numbers to find the area. Contact the stone supplier who determines the number of flagsto... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

A book is a set of written words or pictures on electronic or physical pages while a novel is a type of book that has a narrative structure and story. Novels are fictional, but books can be characterized as fiction or no... More »

To mark your book in order to highlight what is important to you, use colored highlighters, write notes directly on the pages, and use sticky notes to make your personal notes. You can also use sticky notes to jot down q... More » Art & Literature Literature

The text considered the oldest book in the world is an untitled Etruscan script of six pages made of beaten gold. The Bulgaria National Museum of History is the custodian of the book. More »

Remove water damage from a book by placing paper towels between the pages and allowing the book to dry out in a well-ventilated space. You need paper towels, fans, clean water and baking soda to restore the book. The pro... More »