Common vampire bats are 3 to 3.5 inches long, with short reddish-orange or brown fur and small or no tails. They have short, blunt muzzles and pointed ears. The upper incisor teeth with which they pierce prey are razor-s... More »

While there is some variation depending on tradition, vampires usually are described as looking like ordinary people but with very pale skin that becomes flushed with the consumption of blood. Sometimes the lips and mout... More »

To look like a vampire, it is necessary to apply white makeup to the entire face, red and black makeup around the lips and mouth, black and red makeup around the eyes and gray makeup around the cheekbones. A vampire make... More »

The natural habitat of vampire bats is a warm, tropical or subtropical environment. They can be found in elevations up to 2400 meters and typically live in moderately lighted areas. More »

According to National Geographic, the average life span for a vampire bat living in the wild is nine years. The Cincinnati Zoo points out that they live up to 20 years in captivity. More »

Adult vampire bats eat only blood, while young vampire bats feed on their mothers' milk until they are three months old before then switching to a blood diet. The common vampire bat mainly eats blood from large domestic ... More »

Vampire bats feed solely on the blood of other animals, usually on cattle and horses. However, vampire bats do not suck blood. With their razor-sharp teeth, they make small incisions, usually in a sleeping animal. Then t... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bats