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How do ocean mammals like whales and seals get their drinking water? While watching a seal splashing in the waves, I wondered how ocean mammals get their fresh water to drink. Do they convert saltwater somehow, or do they get their water from the food they eat? 14 following . 23 answers 23.


How can sea mammals drink saltwater? ... Likewise, some seals will eat snow to get fresh water. For most whales and dolphins, however, we simply do not know how they get their water, because it is ...


What do Seals Eat? Seals find the foods that they need in the water around them, which is why you will only find them where there is plenty of water. Their primary sources of food include fish but they will consume just about any type of meat they can get in the water. Other types of food that they enjoy include squid, octopus, and shellfish.


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Many pumping arrangements, including those with packing seals and mechanical seals, rely on seal water for effective operation.Seal water serves three main purposes: to cool the seal and the shaft, to lubricate the seal and to flush away impurities in the system.


Fish, for example, have gills that filter oxygen out of the water, transferring it to tiny capillaries. From there, the capillaries transmit oxygen to larger blood vessels and throughout the body. Breathing with lungs, like seals do, is different. Seals have tubes that lead from their mouth and nose to their lungs.


IIRC in the mod dude's ama he said he had to go 2 hours treading water at one point. (or some shit like that) I imagine treading water is a lot like running in a sense, if you can tread water for ~20 minutes without drowning then you can go an hour or however long you need to go, just don't puss out.


Helen - Well, actually they don't. As far as we can see, they don't drink that much seawater at all. In fact most whales and dolphins and things like that really don't drink seawater at all. They get most of the water they need in their diet from their food because lots of fish are about 60 or 80 percent water. And you can also get lots of water from metabolism, from oxidizing


Seals nurse on land. In some seal species, females live off their fat (blubber) and do not eat while nursing their babies. In other species, females leave their young in order to go to the water and eat fish. Seal pups can swim, but it is safer for them to stay on shore, away from most predators, until they are old enough to catch their own food.


Water conservation in fasting northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris). Lester CW(1), Costa DP. Author information: (1)Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA. cwlester@comcast.net Prolonged terrestrial fasting is a key element in the life history of elephant seals.