Some famous Russian dishes include borscht, a beet soup, and blinys, a Russian-style crepe. Blinys can be made sweet by filling them with fruits, jams or honey, or served savory, filled with ground meat, mushrooms, cotta... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

Some typical traditional foods that Russians eat for Christmas include kutya, vegetable pies, pagach, kidney beans, potatoes, nuts, dried fruits and wine. In Russia, Christmas dinner tends to be meatless in Russian Ortho... More »

Russian meals are usually highly dependent on various meats and fish, with sides of potato or pasta starches being extremely common. Typical Russian preparations include bliny, a thinly styled pancake, pickled herring or... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Rice is a popular staple in Korea and is often served along with a variety of dishes that include vegetables, soups, stews and meats. Kimchi, which is fermented pickles made using red chili pepper powder and garlic to fl... More »

Typical Brazilian dishes include a mix of seafood, steak and street dishes, with European, Indigenous and West African influences. Dishes tend to vary between regions. For example, there are strong African influences in ... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

Spanish cuisine is largely based on local seafood and rice dishes, although there is a very wide variety of other dishes. There are three main divisions: Mediterranean, Inner and Atlantic Spain. Each division has its own... More »

Most people in London eat a diet that consists of traditional English foods, typically emphasizing meat and starches, as well as foods from other cultures that have been made available by modern convenience, such as Indi... More »